Health Benefits of Organic Foods and Why is it Important to Buy Them

In the last 25 years I have been asked thousands and thousands of fitness related questions. Invariably the most prominent question is, with their hand patting their tummy, how do I lose this? My answer is the same every-time. Eat less (portion size in each setting), eat more often with protein and carbs combined together, and eat higher quality less processed foods.

Eating higher quality food on the surface seems easy. No junk food, right. That's not enough anymore we must have more information because the quality of the food we are eating is at an all time low. The big food companies have laced everything with chemicals and preservatives so it will last longer so they can make more money. God did not intend for all those altered substances to be in our body. Thus, we are seeing many new diseases that seem to have no cause. I will tell you what the cause is; it's the artificial sweeteners, artificial fats, chemicals and preservatives that we are putting in our mouth. We are what we eat.

When you understand that your body is in a constant state of regeneration, then the term "you are what you eat" takes on a whole different meaning.

Bear with me if this is old info, but it is very important. Every cell in your body will be dead and gone in approximately one year. Your skin, your bones, your muscles, your organs, and even the atoms and cells that make up your DNA are in a constant state of degeneration and regeneration. Common sense will tell you that when we put in a higher quality nutrients, the by product will be higher quality regenerating cells.

It has even been proven that the cells that make up a diseased part of the body like a tumor or a cancer are totally dead and gone within 14 months. So, if we can take in a very high quality nutrition, lower our stress levels, and visualize healing, there is a chance to regenerate healthy cells to replace diseased cells. This is a very touchy subject as I believe there is a time and a place for western medicine which tends to use pharmaceuticals as a band aid to cover up the symptoms of a sickness or disease. But I think that they should be used as a last resort only after more holistic approaches have been exhausted. If you are at these crossroads, I highly suggest that you consult with a specialist like Deepak Chopra in Toronto (1.800.333.4453)

Is expensive organic food worth it? On the surface, it does not seem that the extra cost and the inconvenience of purchasing more often (because quality organic food spoils faster) is worth it. But I ask you, how much does it costs to get cancer, or to have a heart attack.
It totally amazes me that we are so driven that we lose our health to make money and then we turn around and spend all our money trying to get our health back. It does not have to be this way.

Some of the latest groundbreaking medical information out from some of the leading holistic practitioners in the world are realizing that the traditional western medical professionals have totally missed the boat. And I firmly agree with this new info that has all kinds of proof showing us that 95% of all disease and illness is environmental. We bring it on ourselves by lowering our immune system with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Even the American Cancer Society (ACS) is finally conceding that cancer is 60% environmentally inflicted. Which means it is our lifestyle. This is important stuff because cancer has recently passed heart disease as the #1 killer in Americans under the age of 85.

This is amazing information considering that the ACS's ties to the pharmaceutical industry runs very deep. Obviously there is more money in treating cancer than preventing it. But even the ACS can not ignore the obvious.

Modern medicine is a platform for profit, not health. I know I could get myself into trouble on this topic (and I have in our local newspapers), but this is a topic close to my heart. I know that there are a lot of well intentioned MD's out there, but for the most part, their hands are tied. The corruption happens much higher up.

Example- Diabetes is such a profitable business that physicians will put pre-diabetic patients, with only marginally high blood sugar, onto diabetes drugs before even trying weight loss and exercise. As discussed in chapter 1, Type II Adult onset diabetes is one of the easiest cured diseases when the individual is given the correct information.

The American Institute of Cancer's most recent press release (Nov. of 2007) reports clear evidence that excess body-weight drastically increases the risk of most cancers.
The report also found that there are certain lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk of getting cancer. Some of the health benefits of organic foods is below:

o Be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight

o Be physically active as part of everyday life

o Limit consumption of "energy-dense foods," foods that are high in calories, fat and sugar. Avoid sugary drinks

o Eat mostly foods of plant origin, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans

o Limit intake of red meat and avoid ALL processed meat

o Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet alone, without dietary supplement

Please read the last line again.


When you eat food that is not organic, what you are eating is loaded with poisons and chemicals. Companies that produce food for the masses have one thing in mind, quantity not quality. They will do what ever they have to do to get as much food as they can from point A (the ground that is depleted of ) to point B (your mouth). They are trying to prolong the shelf life of the natural food so that you have a chance to purchase it.

The longer the shelf life of the food that you eat, the shorter your shelf life will be. If it came out of the ground and rots, it is good for you!

These companies are loading there foods with toxins and poisons, it has been sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Most of the foods on the shelves of a traditional grocery store have been injected with chemicals. The fertilizers that their farmers use are all poisons and chemicals. The fertilizers get into the roots of the plants and end up inside the fruit, and the fruit itself can't even bare fruit. Most of the fruit now days is made from hybrid seeds that produce fruit that can't even germinate and reproduce its own kind. It can't even sustain its own, how is it going to sustain you in the long run. Bottom line, when you eat the cheaper food that is produced for the masses, it is like eating an apple that has been sprayed with Raid. And no, washing it off doesn't help because it is inside the apple and in the skin. The chemicals and preservatives that the national food companies use are 100's of times more powerful than Raid.


Yes! I am not going to bore you with the details of the most recent tests that are coming in (but they are coming in) showing that genuinely grown organic food has 50% more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than foods produced for the masses. You should buy organic foods!

I realize that it may not be realistic to eat organic food 100% of the time. But at least now you have some food for thought (J). My experience is that it is something that you must grow into. What has worked for my family is a commitment to organic food 25% of the time. Once you can prove to yourself that you can feel the difference than you can grow into eating organic food more often.

The organic food industry is now a $14 Billion dollar a year business in the United States so big business is getting more involved. The quality and meaning of the organic label is undergoing a fast decline. Companies like Wal-Mart are pushing the limits on what can be called organic and are even trying to deceive people with organic signs and stickers in their stores.

BUY LOCAL! If you want the freshest, most nutrient rich foods available, buy close to home. Farmers markets, community supported agriculture programs, food coops are your best bet. I highly suggest that you Google search "high quality organic food/farmers market/your city and state" and go visit these farms or markets. Some of these farmers may not be able to afford or want to get certified to sell organic but just because they are not certified does not mean that their produce is not the highest quality. With a little bit of leg work, you will soon be able to find high quality organic food close to home. Like I have done you may be able to set up delivery points with a couple of farmers to add a little bit of convenience.

Finding high quality organic food close to your home is not as difficult as it sounds. The bottom line is look for farmers who are practicing sound organic farming principles and are producing small amounts of food.

Develop Your Successful Management Style

Each individual in any management position has developed a management style, a behavioral approach to managing others. There are basically 3 styles addressed in this article which are the Autocratic style, the Democratic style, and the Catalytic style. Let's define each and the most outstanding single characteristic of each style.

The Autocratic Style (natural style): Dictator, My Way OR the Highway approach, I'm in Charge here and you are to do as I detailed, don't think, just act and do it NOW, demands respect from everyone even if it has not yet been earned, call me MR or MRS or SIR/Madam.

The Democratic Style (natural style): Close friend, father figure, no one ever makes a mistake, any and all results are acceptable, take your time we'll get it done, accepts any and all suggestions from subordinates even if the suggestion may be wrong, does not discipline or control the staff, staff controls the manager, has a great need to be liked by everyone at every level, call me by my first name.

The Catalytic Style (Learned/developed blended style): Teacher style, trainer, developer of subordinates, coaching style, teach what they know and show as they go style, strives to achieve results above expectations, explains plans, details expectations, maintains control but expects input from all subordinates, is respected by subordinates and by all management because respect has been earned through performance.

At first glance you might believe that the only style that is best of the 3 styles is the Catalytic.

Each style has its appropriate time and place and each can be successful under specific circumstances. Management styles are developed by the individual and are natural tendencies. We are all influenced throughout our business career by those around us who have managed us as we ascend into management position ourselves. Our developed style can begin as early as grade school level and further develop in high school and college. When we enter the work force and begin to report to our first supervisor/manager our future management style begin to evolve even further.

When the time comes and we are promoted into our first management position many want to be like their first manager. This could be a positive evolution or perhaps a negative one. Let's assume, for this exercise, that our first manager was a really wonderful person, very friendly with the entire staff, and displayed a father figure management style. People who report to this manager, including you, may not have performed as well as you could have because your boss was such a nice person almost any type of performance was considered acceptable even less than expected results.

This management style, although comfortable to all of the direct reporters, may not be as effective as it could be and the results achieved may be found to be unacceptable to upper management.

You recognize that this is an example of a Democratic management style and although well-liked by all may not have an extended shelf life as a manager due to the lack of acceptable performance but the unit this manager is managing.

Let's address another example of a different management style, the Autocratic. This manager has very high almost unreasonable expectations which you are to live up to at all times and if you don't it becomes a watch-out environment. This manager usually raises his voice when speaking to any person on their staff, pounds his hand/fist on the table at meetings, criticizes in public and rarely shares any praise to any member on the staff. This style usually doesn't explain plans of action or details of expectations. Dictates duties and responsibilities, usually does not welcome input from the workers, rejects suggestions and uses verbal force at every turn. Remember under certain circumstances and conditions this may be the management style needed.

Example: Upper management has a department filled with very qualified, experienced and talented employees who, under their present democratic manager are performing below acceptable results. Now it is time for a change. Consider someone who has a natural autocratic management style. Why? A drastic change in results are necessary and critical to the overall performance within the organization and a person who is going to go into this department with the sole mission of cracking the whip and get the job done and quickly turn results around. The downside danger is employee fallout. There may be some fallout because of the sudden change in management style but the best of the staff will rise to the demands of the new manager IF their goal is to stay with the organization and to move forward and upward.

We can readily recognize a severe change in the sports world. A football team has had the same coach for several years and in the last year or so the team has not had a winning record, has not qualified for any playoff games and ownership is now faced with a coaching change. You have witnessed a change from a long term democratic coach to a dictator autocratic style head coach and staff. The very next season the team is now a winning organization and goes to the playoffs. Keep in mind an autocratic style manager/coach usually has a short shelf life, perhaps 2-3 seasons and then another change will have to be made and now ownership is looking for the blended management style coach, the Catalytic coach.

The Catalytic manager/coach due to the fact that this is a blended style of both the Autocratic and the Democratic styles will now have a long shelf live with the department/team and will produce winning results on a consistent basis.

Can an autocratic and democratic management style change to become a catalytic manager?

Yes. The catalytic is not a natural style like the other two styles. The catalytic style is learned and developed style over a period of time. What is needed to develop the catalytic style is proper training and direction from a strong catalytic manager who is willing to take the other style individuals under their wing and spend time changing their approach to managing subordinates which is to include training and developing to cause a change in their behavior tendencies and approach to others.

Gaining Better Health Through A Raw Food Diet

Food combining is an easy way to help your digestive system so that it can absorb all the food minerals and vitamins to maximum capacity. Food combining offers the opportunity to rid us of cell deterioration by keeping it rejuvenated with the energy and minerals from well-digested foods. Combining certain foods during the same meal can cause the body to be unable to do justice to the food eaten.

It is a common belief that there is one digestive juice in the stomach, which will work on all kinds of foods at the same time. This is far from the truth. Food combining deals with exactly this issue. Digestion is a physiological procedure requiring certain rules. Just like a bulimia patient eats everything but throws it all up thus gaining no benefit of the food eaten, similarly a healthy person may eat very nutritious food but might eat it in the wrong combination thus getting no benefit from it due to lack of digestion. The basis of the food combining theory is that digestive juices are secreted at specific times in specific volumes. One must eat the right food at the right time so as to get maximum benefit from it. A protein-digesting enzyme will not digest carbohydrates and the carbohydrate-digesting enzyme will do nothing for the protein. What is more is that certain foods may actually render the digestive enzyme for another food invalid. So it is clear that combining foods that are not similar in their digestive ways will be useless eating.

If certain food combining rules are followed one is able to optimize the accumulation of energy and convert it for use by the body thus keeping illnesses at bay. These rules are simple enough. Carbohydrates should not be combined with acidic foods. So a tomato based pasta is not a good idea at all. Pasta's are carbohydrates while tomatoes are acidic in nature. All sour foods should not be combined with carbohydrates. In fact acidic fruits don't go well with proteins either. Combining proteins with carbohydrates is not a good idea too. So a beef burger should go straight into the bin instead of your mouth. Even having two high-density proteins as a combination would lead to indigestion. So that ham omelet is not very clever thinking. Fats and proteins are not good food combinations either. A deep fried mutton steak would send very wrong signals to your digestive juices.

Starches and sugars should not be on the same plate at the same time. Combining them leads to digestive problems. In fact no more that one starchy food should be eaten at one meal. Melons and milk are two foods that should be consumed separately from all other foods. Melons decompose very rapidly while milk was meant for the young mammalians so does not do too well to be mixed with other foods. Milk is digested in the duodenum so the stomach stops all digestion when milk is consumed. Milk can be combined with acidic foods though. These are the few basics of food combining.

Food combining allows us to mix and match our foods so as to gain optimum benefit as well as satiate our taste buds. Food is no longer consumed by man merely for survival but is also eaten for the taste. If the basic food combing rules are kept in mind one would be able to eat foods they desire yet keep a healthy body. The acid alkaline diet plan encourages one to consume a lot of vegetable and fruits, which are good combination foods. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten as a combination and yet the body absorbs the two well. The acidic foods are eaten in very small quantities so they do not interfere with the digestive juices absorbing the qualities of other foods. This is one of the main reasons why people on the alkaline diet feel energetic and charged as opposed to those on high protein high fat diets. Since the body is able to make full use of the food eaten it stays high on energy.